September 14-16th, 2012 at Sapporo Business Innovation Center



  • Heroku, Inc.

    Heroku provides a platform as a service (PAAS) for building, deploying, and running cloud apps using Ruby. The architecture of our platform includes tools for deployment and management, a runtime for scalability, fault tolerance, and an add-ons system for extending the capabilities of our platform. Get started for free and acquire resources as needed.

  • COOKPAD.Inc, operated by COOKPAD Inc., is Japan's biggest recipe website and is currently being used by half of all Japanese women in their 20-30s. We have been pursuing the mission to make everyday cooking more fun for going on 14 years and believe that technology is a tool to be used for solving real-life problems. In an effort to create products that are truly useful in daily life, beneath the surface of Cookpad's services you will find a tenacious focus on user-centric development and the latest technologies including open-source software like Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Moving forward into the future, we want to keep inspiring people to be excited about cooking in not only Japan, but also in the rest of the world.

  • Microsoft Corporation

    Microsoft is emphasizing on securing of compatibility in the various technical domains. This is including the other companies development language (including OSS) on the Windows platform development operation environment maintenance as well. Implementation of the Ruby practice environment in .NET Framework or implementation of the Ruby practice environment of latest Microsoft development base cloud service Windows Azure are the representative example. Particularly there was new evolution including the Linux OS support for Windows Azure recently. Microsoft pushes forward broader platform offer on a global scale with all of open source community and each group. "Microsoft has changed as a company. Now, Microsoft is Open to Open Source". Please keep eye on it for an broader action of future Microsoft.

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  • Eiwa System Management, Inc.

    Eiwa System Management(ESM),Inc. is one of the best company building cutting-edge Ruby/Rails application with agile software development methods in Japan. We are maximizing client's return on investment.

  • paperboy&co.,Inc

    Paperboy&co. is a company serving internet services for personal use like a web hosting service "Lolipop!" and so on. Although PHP is a dominant language in paperboy&co. now, it released PaaS "Sqale" supporting Rack as closed beta at May 2012 and is switching its development language from PHP to Ruby.Thus paperboy&co. strengthens the efforts toward Ruby.

  • Enishi Tech Inc.

    Enishi Tech Inc. is a small software company at Sapporo, a beautiful provincial city in Japan. We value Enishi and Technology. Enishi is a Japanese word with rich implications. Enishi implies relationship, link, bond, fate and chance.

  • ANTAS, Inc.

    ANTAS is a system development company in Sapporo, Japan. We aggressively use Ruby for portal, ImageCruiser, CMS and so on.

  • ClearCode Inc.

    ClearCode is a high technology company about free software such as Ruby, Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird and so on. We help your software development by our clear code. We're recruiting one developer who likes programming.

  • Rakuten, Inc.

    Rakuten, Inc. and its consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates ("Rakuten Group") are full-line Internet services companies. Since its founding in 1997, Rakuten, Inc. ("Rakuten") has spent a decade evolving its business model centered on e-commerce, to create a market completely new to Japan. The Rakuten Group is focusing on two approaches in particular to target growth in the decade to come. The first is to empower people and society through continuous innovation and business operation based on our five concepts of success. The second is to establish a "Rakuten eco-system" which enables us to maximize our customers’ lifetime value and leverage synergies. Guided by the key phrase "more than Web", the Rakuten Group is taking on the challenge of creating new value by driving convergence between the Internet and traditional "bricks and mortar" businesses.

  • Network Applied Communication Laboratory Ltd.

    Network Applied Communication Laboratory (NaCl) delivers system development solutions utilizing open source software. NaCl drives the Ruby programming language with Ruby creator and NaCl fellow, Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto.

  • Engine Yard

    Engine Yard is the leading Platform as a Service (PaaS), empowering software application innovation more rapidly, easily and cost effectively. With deep programming expertise, combined with powerful infrastructure orchestration, extensive community involvement and world-class service, Engine Yard provides a complete commercial grade solution that enables developers to focus on creating great applications, instead of managing their platform. Thousands of customers, from Web startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, rely on Engine Yard for agile deployment and scaling, high performance, and 24×7 uptime, allowing them to leverage the cloud for competitive advantage.

  • GameOn Co., Ltd.

    GameOn Co., Ltd. is currently operating 14 online games, 3 browser games and 4 mobile games with the game portal, [Pmang], as the core. Our goal is to ‘make a safe environment to play games, which our users can trust in’. To do this, we are continuously making every effort to improve the integration of legacy systems. Since 2009, we have adopted and proceeded Rails into our system. Currently, we are operating approximately 70% of all our services with Rails.To make a game portal that will connect players from all around the world, we are working in cooperation with engineers from Neowiz.

  • GREE, Inc.

    We can make the world a better place through the power of the Internet. GREE began from this one passion in 2004. In May 2012, the new GREE platform was launched globally in open beta. GREE’s development team is continuously working to improve the service, with the aim of creating the world's leading mobile social games ecosystem and reaching one billion users worldwide.

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